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2014 Annual Conference held a grand dealers
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lebo是什么平台正规吗Lion dance to celebrate the Golden Age, the sun shining warm Divine. January 18, 2015 the annual gala held at the annual meeting of dealers Huzhou International Hotel. 30 dealer representatives, representatives of nearly 60 customers to attend this meeting.

lebo是什么平台正规吗14:30 pm, the meeting started.

Agenda for the meeting by Ding Feng Technical Director of the company presided over and welcome speech, the General Assembly is divided into five agenda.

First, the dealer awards presented

lebo是什么平台正规吗Best Contribution Award one: Yixing Dealer

lebo是什么平台正规吗Best Sales Award four: Yangzhou dealers, Jiaxing resellers, dealers Ping Wang, Hangzhou Dealer

lebo是什么平台正规吗Most potential award five: Ningbo dealers, distributors Yancheng, Nanjing dealers, Changxing resellers, dealers Wukang

lebo是什么平台正规吗Second, speaking on behalf of the dealer

Five representatives from Yixing dealers, Jiaxing, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Yancheng shared their successful experience and fully affirmed the good quality Boao products, excellent service, strong team, in cooperation with the boo confidence.

Third, Yu total sales strategy concerning ways and means for reporting

Total Yu From: Learn Boao, search marketing, sales targets and how to achieve three goals come to you in detail about the profiles sales experiences. Here not only to a better understanding of Boao dealer customers, but also so that we learn more and gain valuable experience in business negotiation and signing of the contract.

Fourth, Xu total for the report in 2014 and the 2015 Report of the company's development plan sales policy

Congress Xu comprehensive introduction to the company's development in 2014, incisive analysis of the 2015 development direction and goals, and made recommendations and observations for you dealer friends.

First, the product sales, 2014 sales of nearly 30,000 tons profiles, including broken insulation products accounted for 60%, the patented product sales accounted for 70%. These two indicators are among the best in the country; has a total of ten tons or more auto sales.

On the hardware facilities, the company two projects - an annual thirty thousand tons of aluminum energy-saving projects have been put into operation, the total capacity has reached 60,000 tons, can greatly satisfy the needs of market development.

In product development, the development of several new products to meet market demand, one old production and development of new features, such as the G86 developed to the third generation: either install 5 + 9A + 5,6 + 12A + 6 insulating glass, can also be Installation 5 + 6A + 5 + 6A + 5 triple glazing, able to satisfy the different configuration works facade glass of different needs. The second is the development of new products, such as G165 series double window system, G65 mosquito alarm systems, as well as the new curtain wall systems, optimization, and constantly develop new products, new sun room systems for products in the market and constantly improve their competitiveness to provide a guarantee .

Further, in the market to expand, develop a number of new distribution partners, expanding the distribution team; this meeting several new friends, Taizhou total range, Hefei Sheng total.

lebo是什么平台正规吗Finally, on the influence of the products, after everybody's great publicity and the company strictly on product quality, in November 2014, it was named the National Building insulation aluminum twenty strong China Construction Metal Structure Association. Products throughout the market, especially in the Yangtze River Delta gradually expanded (Shen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui) influence.

Xu also mentioned in the report of the company in product quality, there are still many problems in the internal management, we will continue to strive to improve the next effort.

Faced in 2015, on sales policy, the company has new incentives, in how to become bigger and stronger, Xu talked a few observations:

1. Setting goals: the main direction of door and window factory, or real estate agency.

2. Sales model: traditional (processed to retail-based), upgraded (processed to retail-oriented), company type, with type (processed to project-based).

lebo是什么平台正规吗3. Staffing: must have run the market, run engineering salesman. Financial planning: one million to do 300; 3 million to do about 1,000 tons.

4. Legitimate business philosophy: Since now Chairman Xi came to power, the concept of the rule of law should be gradually introduced into various fields. I hope that peace of mind to make money, happy consumer, do legal citizens.

lebo是什么平台正规吗Fifth, the dealer customers speak freely

Customers from all over the world took the floor, put a lot of valuable comments and suggestions. In this regard, we will carefully study and analyze, and to be fully taken into account in future work, and constantly improve our product and service quality.

lebo是什么平台正规吗Year of the Horse will soon be over, waving Ram came, we faithfully hope that through this meeting, so that we each can enhance mutual understanding, deepen friendship, in the new year to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation and create greater success.

Assembly a success!

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